To be a professional with a deep degree of authenticity and a state of presence with which to be able to accompany the transformation of their clients. Investing in a constant training and personal growth work for life.  


Promoting psycho-emotional health and increased awareness in people who request my services. My intention is  improving their quality of life and well-being. Disseminating the practice of humanistic therapy, psychoeducation and self-knowledge in society through the dissemination of my work in all available media: YouTube channels, articles, workshops, etc.


Presence. Fundamental principle of my therapy: body, mind and spirit at the service of the client.

Honesty.  Realistic framing interviews, necessary confrontations and explicitation of my limitations. .

Profesionalism. Reflected in the defense of good practice and monitoring of the AETG code of ethics. .  

Modesty. Understand supervision and training for life and regardless of years of experience. | E-mail: | Teléfono: +420 799 532 968 | Whatsapp: +34688928790