Valentín Aguado

Valentín Aguado

Terapeuta Gestalt nº 3892 AETG España

I trained as a specialist in Gestalt therapy at the GPYF Center in Madrid in Spain and after several years of working with clients and more than four years of supervising them, I became a member of the Spanish Association of Gestalt Therapy (nº 3892). 

I have more than 6 years of experience in psycho-emotional accompaniment and 140 hours of certified clinical supervision in psychotherapy through the GPYF school in Madrid. 

I have additional training in Introduction to the Enneagram and Trauma Reprocessing through the system of the Aleces Institute in Barcelona. 

In 2013 I trained in Bioneuroemoción to add knowledge of somatic diseases, family tree, transgenerational trauma and incorporate NLP techniques. 

For years I have been teaching free training courses both in Madrid and through online platforms where in a theoretical and practical way I bring the Gestalt teachings closer to the attendees. 

Since 2018 I have been writing articles on specific symptoms and their approach from Gestalt therapy in El Blog del Xilema. 

Currently I also contribute to the dissemination of Gestalt therapy through my channel on
You Tube.

Techniques and personal style 

I consider myself a close person and in general I avoid academic language, I believe in the simplicity of contact and I try above all to create a climate of closeness and security with the person who trusts me to walk through their difficulties. My goal is to be present from my authenticity in order to offer the most healing experience possible. I deeply believe in the principle of Gestalt listening: mind, emotion, body and spirit at the service of the present moment. The therapist as a tool, without longing for the other to change, being the presence where the other can develop their potential. In particular, 

I like to support the therapy with a technique such as drawing, the empty chair, polarity exercises and also the therapeutic tarot focused not so much on reading what is happening but as a projective exercise of psychic and bodily awareness. 

I also integrate my experience in Bioneuroemoción to address physiological symptoms that, together with the gestalt body approach, return very powerful results. | E-mail: | Teléfono: +420 799 532 968 | Whatsapp: +34688928790