Welcome to Therapy & Change. A space focused on emotional, mental and spiritual healing.

Located in the center of Madrid and Prague, I offer a place of personal growth where we enter self-knowledge through professional accompaniment. A security environment where to experiment and work from the humanist approach of the Gestalt in order to improve your quality of life and your relationships.

Here you will find a space for rediscovery and acceptance of who you really are through emotional expression and progressive awareness. All this within the framework of a process in time where the results are integrated in you naturally and always with the guarantee of being accompanied by a  professional.

In Therapy & Change.  we understand Gestalt Therapy not only as a way to alleviate suffering, but also the way to grow so that we can relate to others and to ourselves in a more conscious and full way. That is why in our consultation we work not only on the symptom but also on a global way in unifying feeling, thinking and acting, as the way to access our true potential in life.

The main tool in our process is dialogue understood as a process of supporting the healthy and confronting both mental and emotional blocking mechanisms. Accompanying the dialogue we can also include in the consultation various techniques such as drawing, theater or music among others that can adapt to the patient's profile.

Symptoms we work:

Through our sessions we treat various types of conflicts and symptoms in adulthood such as:

Important note: we do not offer service for people diagnosed with one or more personality disorders published in the DSM-5 


We believe that Gestalt therapy is beneficial not only for people suffering from any symptoms or conflict but for everyone interested in self-knowledge and personal growth.

Therefore, in addition to our personal therapy, we offer training through open-door workshops aimed at patients, professionals in the mental health sector and the general public.

Therapy & Change Center

Therapy & Change office is located on Paseo de Esperanza in front of the park in the quiet area of Acacias in Madrid and Prague in Hlavni Mesto. 

In this holistic center we have several rooms where in addition to emotional treatment we offer other services such as Physiotherapy and Reiki. The center has adequate accessibility for people with disabilities and the area also has numerous public parking spaces.

The customer service hours are Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

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