Gestalt Therapy

Our main work tool is dialogue, which functions as the communicative basis of the process.

I also provide Gestalt online therapy

The methodology I work with is Gestalt Therapy, which is located as a discipline within the humanist branch of psychology, one of the three main approaches along with Cognitive-Behavioral Psychology and Psychoanalysis. It is a frame where we prioritize the client-profesional relationship, we facilitate emotional expression and where we prefer to experiment rather than interpret.

Gestalt is a therapy that focuses on the present and where through dialogue and relationship with the therapist, the person begins to raise awareness of their main emotional and mental blocking mechanisms. By lighting up those dark areas, the person can gradually recover a more real image of himself, detach himself from what he no longer needs, and access his true potential.

Important note: we do not offer service for people diagnosed with one or more personality disorders published in the DSM-5 

Dialogue and Process

Our main work tool is dialogue, which functions as the communicative basis of the process. In addition to this conversation, we use techniques that we can incorporate depending on the client's profile. For example in a session it is possible to insert the dialogue with the drawing, the sculpture, the music or even the theatrical interpretation, as long as the person is comfortable with these tools.

Although the results are visible from the first sessions, for the therapy to be successful it needs a sustained process over time. Far from being a superficial remedy, this process implies responsibility and corresponds to the natural way of healing and growth in nature and in our own organism. Thus, each person will need a different time from another. The objective is that at the end of the process the person is autonomous and can apply the integrated for the rest of his life.

Sessions and treatment

The sessions last from 50 to 55 minutes and take place once a week. The time that a person needs to close a process varies depending on several factors such as the type of initial demand with which he arrives for consultation or the possible appearance of new demands during the process. Other factors must also be taken into account as if the objective is also personal growth, if the client's personality resonates with this type of therapy or the relationship with the therapist. These among other issues vary the time from one period to another of healing.

In any case we can talk about the experiences ranging from three months to two / three years

It is important to note that one of the requirements to be able to practice as a Gestalt profesional is that the professional must have received more than two years Gestalt therapy. himself. So when a Gestalt professional works with a client, he already knows in his own skin what it means to walk the path of change.  

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