Raquel Marcos

Self support

¨During 3 years Valentín showed me, my ability to fly alone, to lean on myself and to do it with good love. With his sensitivity, humility, humanity and dedication, he helps you to accept yourself, to love you and take care of yourself.¨

Ignacio Sanchez

Managing unger

"I went to him, perhaps in one of the most complex moments of my life. I learned that I could express emotions like untapped anger more assertively. I also improved my internal dialogue, learnt to treat myself equally well ¨ 

Jose Antonio Muñiz

Connection with present moment

"I recommend taking sessions with Valentín as he helps you to connect with the here and now, be aware of your strengths and know what your weaknesses are in order to learn to live with them. Great professionalism. "

Carmen Llamas

Overcoming abuse 

"I came to the consultation very touched. Suffering abuse, being aware that I suffered it and admitting it costs a lot.
I needed professional help to recover.

In therapy, I released a lot of the anger
that I kept against my ex and my mother.

I was able to speak with my own body. Recognizing that when something is physically wrong with me it is because there is a psychological problem behind it. 

I have also managed to relate better with my children. When I came to consult my relationships with them were very bad.

I have learned to love and value myself. "

Claudio Peñas
Successful Online therapy

¨I was going through an unpleasant relationship break-up. I liked Valentin`s approach so much that I decided to continue with the therapy through video calls. 

 First I was dubious about the efficiency
of such a session through video calls
but soon  I was put at ease.
It's been just over a year now and we both agreed to gradually end my therapy. 

I must say that this was the best investment I ever made. From moments of pure despair I went through last year to the peaceful life I'm living now, it was a rollercoaster sometimes to face my own demons but he has been an excellent therapist with empathy and dedication to guide me in my personal journey allowing me to develop and blossom in my own tempo. I couldn't recommend him more!"

Olga Sánchez

Overcoming the fear of failure 

¨I arrived at one of the Therapy and Change workshops with many fears and anxiety. I am taking my opposition and I am afraid to face the exams; the workshop helped me stop for a moment, think and be aware of where I am and where I want to go. Thank you very much.¨ 

Laura Lorca*

Connecting with my emotions 

¨Thank you Valentín for guiding and helping me in my personal growth. After going through this therapy, I managed to connect with my emotions. I can say that I went to therapy to grow, and I did it. However there is still a long way to go fo me. 

To achieve greater personal self-knowledge, I recommend everyone to try this service at some point in their life, ¨

*All the comments, images and names that appear in this section have been voluntarily yielded for publication with the express consent of our clients. People under an asterisk have preferred to add their pseudonym for privacy reasons.