Valentín Aguado

Gestalt Therapy Specialist
AETG  Nº Member: 3892
Specialist in adult approach: 

Throughout my life I have been deeply interested in the knowledge of the human being and the mysterious and fascinating journey that life entails. My search began in the letters and that is why more than 15 years ago I graduated in Journalism in Madrid. However, telling what was happening in the world did not help me to understand or help people. In parallel I discovered the world of the esoteric where I learned about the fundamental role that the unconscious plays in our lives and how different cultures have tried to solve their difficulties through the symbolic.

Then I was living in different countries of Europe for years until finally all my vital experience came together in my true vocation, personal therapy.

I currently work as a Gestalt Therapy Specialist in Madrid, a four year diploma granted by  Madrid school  Gestalt Psicoterapia y Formación  (GPyF)

After several years of working with different type of clients, I obtained recognition as a Gestalt Therapy Specialist and Adherent Member by the Spanish Association of Gestalt Therapy (AETG) that watches over and supervises for a professionalism of therapy in its national scope

I have complemented my training in the Gestalt branch with the principles of the Enneagram that works from the nine types of character structures.

I currently provide training courses and informative presentations of Gestalt Therapy in Madrid under the Terapia y Cambio cycle.

Like all Gestalt specialist, before being able to work accompanying our clients, it was necessary for me to go through this process myself, thus being patient for more than three years. A hard but crucial experience that allowed me to understand my own change in order to understand the process of my clients.

In parallel I have trained at the Bioneuroemoción Institute where I have deepened the relationship between somatic diseases and our emotional blockages. In addition to delving into the codes of unconscious and inherited behavior of our relatives and ancestors.

Another of the tools I use is the Therapeutic Tarot, not as divination but as a tool that relies on the symbology and the present where the person himself becomes aware of his blind spots and can take responsibility.

Terapia y Cambio